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Furnishing classic
The Amadeus Classic line of bar furnishings proposes an ambience of timeless elegance. A modern, functional and innovative range that stands out for its material quality and chromatic choices as well as for the delicate nature of the decors. Finishes are available in the shades of walnut- and cherry-effect.
An important option is the upper fascia of the counters that is supplied in the standard version
furniture pub
but may also be customised, on request, with a copperwork or with a delicate screen-printed star-motif. Amadeus Classic offers the opportunity to recreate the warm and unmistakable atmosphere of the traditional bar you may find in the town centres all over Europe and particularly in Italy.

A specialised coffee- or wine-bar: a place destined to become a meeting point where people may be served promptly at the counter or spend their leisure time while drinking an aperitif or enjoying their daily brunch.
sifa technology
The rear side of the bar counters consists of modular units with a new structural design. These units, with their high technical quality, have been arranged to make serving so much easier.
frigo bar   technology
Personalised SIFA door with magnetic closure and on the right interior of the stainless steelcell with its rounded corners for perfect hygiene and easy cleaning.
The front panel design, pleasing in terms of both style and functionality. Each detail has been studied in order to satisfy all requirements of both operators and customers.
Connecting metal structure, designed for functional use only on certain specific units in this line.
fascia standardfascia ramefascia stelle
walnut effect finish: in the standard version - cherry effect finish: in the standard version - walnut effect finish: with copperwork (optional) - walnut effect finish: with star-motif (optional) - cherry effect finish: with star-motif (optional) - cherry effect finish: with copperwork (optional) >>

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